10 Coping Strategies for Stressed Women – PART II

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Coping with Stress

You’ve made it to the Part II. Excellent.

To quickly recap from the previous post, we know that there are various reasons for stress. As such, some coping methods work better than others. Ideally you want to familiarise yourself and learn to use all 10 coping strategies so that you are well equipped to deal with stress when it comes your way.

You also don’t want to continuously count on one strategy only. The effectiveness of it will wear out as you habituate to it.

To help you out… here is another list of 5…

Coping Strategies for Stress Women

  1. Look at the big picture. Step away from the immediate problem and take a look at how this fits into your entire life, or how it fits into the community where others share the same problem. Could you and the community use your unfortunate circumstances to raise awareness of the problem as opposed to wallow in self-pity? This simple shift can take you away from stress of immediate problem and give you passion to do something about the bigger picture.
  2. Make time for fun and relaxation. Stress increases when there is no downtime – this is because the body stays on overdrive – think of it as burning out the machinery. There are always items that can be shed from a schedule… or items that can be skipped from week to week. Skip them / drop them so you can have time for fun and rejuvenation.
  3. Stop with the guilt-trips. A common practice for women with full plates is to feel very guilty when they take time to slow down, watch a movie, or just step away from the everyday sanity. While they relax, their mind is focused on the million things they could be doing instead. This takes away from the fun and all the positive benefits associated with slowing down.
  4. Take care of your physical self. Just like a car, your body will breakdown if you don’t do regular maintenance. Examples include: regular speed walks, eating better, playing with a pet, spending time in nature, taking a long bath, medical appointments. These are all important, especially exercise. Exercise is important because it releases pent up energy; after the energy is released, you feel calmer.
  5. Keep a stress journal. It’s important to have an outlet for heavy feelings. And while you may share some information with friends, I am certain there a few things you choose to leave out of your story. Those hidden feelings and thoughts must also be released for psychological well-being. A stress journal is the best option.



Make A Decision!! Do you find yourself having a hard time making a decision? If you said yes, I am almost certain you are not coming up with ANY decisions at all! It’s amazing how fast time can fly by while you are trying figure things out. And while you are teeter tottering on what to do, you stress level will remain heightened each time you remember the situation.

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