Did You Take Out Your Garbage?

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Did You Take Out Your Garbage?

At the end of last year, I visited a naturopath to prepare myself for the upcoming winter months – and give my body the support it needs so that I do not get sick.

While she was giving me her strategy on how we will approach my winter safeguard plan, I realized her approach is very similar to the approach I use with my clients.  Two very different disciplines… yet very similar styles!

It also re-affirmed for me where some women go wrong when it comes to changing habits and setting new goals.

The problem starts right at the beginning – and with this major omission right from the start, it is difficult to have a decent chance for lasting change and goal success. Let me show you.

As my naturopath was explaining, it s very important to first remove any toxins, parasites, unfriendly bugs, unhealthy foods that feeds the bad bacteria, inflammation etc. from one’s body BEFORE starting to feed it with the good stuff – vitamins, minerals, vegetables, etc.

The reason being is that the ‘bad stuff’ prevents the body from being able to optimize on the healthy changes.  The ‘bad stuff’ will not allow the good nutrition, extra vitamins, and minerals to be absorbed properly. Without first detoxifying, your progress will appear too slow for the amount of effort you are putting in and you will be tempted to quit.

And there is more to it!

The longer the bad stuff is in the body, the more potential it has to come up with creative ways to stay in the body (after all, parasites, bacterial and unfriendly bugs’ main goal is survival… just like ours). What this means, my naturopath explained, is that the bacteria and other unfriendly bugs will try to sabotage my new habits by making me crave the type of food that will support their survival. Others will make me feel tired so that it becomes harder to keep up with my new gym routine.


The same reasoning applies to self-development. Before we can add in new behaviour, new thinking and new habits, we must take a look at your existing

  1. Toxic thinking patterns,
  2. Parasitic behavioural patterns,
  3. Sabotaging trigger points, and
  4. Emotional baggage that needs to be detoxed.

These are the 4 main criteria that will keep you failing, and any one at a time has enough power to derail your progress and slow you down. Why? Because these are your subconscious go-to patterns that take over when you can’t even see it.

Setting New Goals

If you’ve ever set new goals for yourself but overtime end up retreating to what you always do, it could be that you haven’t really cleaned out and detoxed before you jumped in.

From my naturopath’s perspective, for any type of health change to take root, it’s essential to PREPARE the body and optimize it to handle changes – so it can deal with the sudden shift.

Life coaching is similar, in order for your new goals to become a success you must prepare the way so that your new goal and habits associated with this goal have a clean place to take root. Without the clean-up work or ‘taking out the garbage’ ahead of time your new habits and goals may not work as well you hope for.

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