Life coaching

Start liking yourself
Stop feeling trapped and tired
Build new relationships and connections
Be a whole lot more happier

You know you’re ready for life coaching when you’re thinking about making positive changes in your life.

Here’s a little bit of an overview of what you can expect.
The curriculum I’ll create for you will be unique… just like you!

Your program will be crafted based on the information you share with me during the no cost consultation session.

This is your chance to share and communicate with me whatever’s on your mind. I will listen with compassion and strategically probe, so I can get the most accurate picture possible of your situation.

Because Every The Very First Session And All The Following Session Are 100% About You!

The structure of sample packages look like this:

Single-Sessions Coaching
– Free 30-Minute Consultation
– Then book your sessions as you need to


Self-esteem Coaching
– Free 30-Minute Consultation
– 5 Scheduled Sessions
– One Free 30-minute Follow Up Session within 3 month


Full-Makeover Coaching
– Free 30-Minute Consultation
– 10 Scheduled Sessions
– Two Free 30-minute Follow Up Sessions within 6 months


Remember, that the individual topics discussed will be customized to you.

Balance, happiness, and peace… are possible.

Why not simply Reach For It?

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