Find your purpose

We all have a purpose… And that means…

You have one too!

Fortune Cookie

If you’ve been searching and searching for that ‘thing’ you’re meant to be doing in life but keep coming up empty handed, it may be that you’re looking in the wrong places.

While there are many ways to find your purpose, please allow me to share with you what I normally only share with my clients when it comes to finding the answer they seek.

The clue to your purpose in life lies in your past…. it’s literally rooted in what you did and where you came from.

Your life and who you are today is the sum of your experiences.

When you take an inventory of the past you can pull out specific information about yourself such as what you’re good at, what you loved or hated, and what brought you the most fulfillment. You can think about the mistakes you made, what you struggled with, what you’ve seen, what you overcame, and what defeats you’ve had.

footsteps - past gives answers to future

Your past experiences shaped your current opinions and everything you stand for. So you see, all of your past experiences are important. No matter what they are, they should not be a source of shame and regret… they were necessary to accumulate wisdom.

I have not yet come across a person whose passion is completely separate from their experiences in life. And each of these individuals will tell you that finding their passion was the culmination of all they have gone through in life—including the bad stuff.

If you’re serious about finding your purpose, use your past as a clue.

Once you find your purpose, you’ll naturally want to Reach your potential