How to be Happy … The Easy Way

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Happiness is valued and a desired by everyone. In fact, it has become a chase and a pursuit for some and a mysterious state of being for others.

Of course there are many who made claim to have reached this ultimate stage…but even for them it seems more of a fleeting experience, with very few genuine happiness experiences in between.

But what about you?

Where do you stand with your level of happiness? Or does happiness always seem to be a step ahead of you…

Or maybe you’re still wondering how to be happy or what would make you happy? Better yet, is it possible to even be happy the easy way?

Of course there is! The best way to be happy is to:

Just Be Yourself.

But what does it mean to JUST BE YOURSELF?

And if you aren’t being yourself now… then who the heck are you being?

I don’t know you are trying to be… but I do know that if you’re busy trying to please others, you’re not being yourself. You are being who THEY want you to be.

“Just be yourself” is really about self-expression. And the easiest way to express yourself is to learn how to:
1. Leverage your strengths,
2. Express your core values, and
3. Meet your needs (self-motivation)

Once you know the answers to the above 3, it’s easy to spot and take advantage of the right opportunities that come your way.

And this is how to be happy … The EASY Way.

Because life consists of moments and experiences, it’s important for many of these experiences to match up with who you are so you can be your authentic self.

If you don’t know the answers to 1, 2, and 3 there may be a good chance you are not being true to yourself… instead you’re likely doing your best with the opportunities you think you SHOULD do. And that’s when you are in danger to become someone other than ‘Yourself.’

Give this some thought.

In the mean time, take my Happiness Quiz and see how you do. It takes less than a minute 🙂

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