Is this you

Is This YouDo you react with fear when facing a crisis? (AKA… The turning point in life).

Whatever your reaction, it has to do with how you interpret the overall situation in comparison to your perceived ability to deal with the problem at hand.

And how you assess your ability is related to how much you trust in yourself to make the right choice.

If you think about it, a personal crisis is really just a regular challenge magnified to drastic proportions. No one escapes these dark moments when a challenge becomes a full blown disaster because no one is favoured by luck or some higher power.

These intense moments are generally considered to be our learning curve (or growth spurt), however, to get the most out of them we need to approach them from a place of power… not fear.

This is where life coaching can change your life forever.

Anytime things go badly wrong, you’ll do much better if you know you have someone dependable to count on… someone like You!

Learning to trust yourself starts with knowing what to focus on. This is done by asking the questions that matter the most and avoiding the ones that promote mental chaos…

The questions to avoid include:
1. What’s wrong with me?
2. Who is to blame?
3. What’s the worst case scenario?

The sad truth is that you’re likely asking at least one these questions instead of focusing on the right ones.

Asking the wrong questions has a way of taking you to the very places you try so hard to avoid.

These places include:

Self-esteem struggles
Feeling trapped and stuck
Feeling emotionally exhausted
Feeling lost