Feeling emotionally exhausted

While it may feel like the people around you do the most damage to your emotional well-being, you have to admit, you have some habits of your own that don’t make life any easier for you. Am I right?

woman with emotional baggage

Let me get right down to it. There are 3 basic identities women typically subscribe to that keep them feeling emotionally exhausted.

The first one is called THE AVOIDER; and this is you if you typically run away from conflict, if you skip making decisions when you’re unsure of how it will all work out, or you simply continue to let someone walk all over you.

The problem with running away from uncomfortable situations is that they actually keep chasing you. And just like physical running would tire out your body over time, avoiding these issues, drains you mentally. I know avoiding feels safer in the moment, but it weighs you down in the long run.

The second one is called THE PERFECTIONISTA. Yes, you know exactly what I mean! That overwhelming need to get it “Just Right!” The trouble with perfection is that it isn’t a fixed measure. So, no matter how well you do something, the more you see how you could’ve done it even better. The mindset is completely demoralizing and frustrating.

And the last one is THE PLEASER. This one describes you if you go out of your way to please anyone and everyone… whether that means saying yes to your kids when you want to say no, staying silent so your friend can have the last word, or letting your colleagues take credit for the work you’ve done. Any of these will overtime leave you feeling insignificant, worthless, and absolutely angry.

But it takes a little more work than merely identifying which if the identities is yours. Your cure is found in understanding how you’ve come to be this person and what continually motivates you to keep going down this path.

We can work on it together.

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