Are you living a dead-end life?

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Are you living a dead-end life? ONE Simple Step that Will Take You A Long Way!

Even though the New Year is still fresh and everyone speaks of new beginnings, new opportunities, you may not be feeling all the motivation and spark of energy that those around you seem to be feeling. And while the very first few days may have held excitement in them, you’re realizing it’s quickly returning to the same old, same old.

Feeling like you’re living a dead-end life is the same as saying there isn’t enough change happening in your life right now. Your relationships, your job, and the day-to-day grind has been the same way for so long that they feel uneventful, boring, and unfulfilling… making you feel unhappy and stuck.

But I have good news… there is nothing wrong with YOU! It all has to do with the pattern in your life that probably hasn’t changed in years.

And this can be easily fixed.

Though it may feel like it, a dead end-life doesn’t come upon you all of a sudden. It actually sneaks up on you slowly as you settle into a pattern with very little newness to spice things up. Meaning…

  • No new hobbies
  • Not exploring different positions at work or moving on to different career opportunities
  • Making the same old meals for dinner night
  • Staying in the same predictable pattern with your spouse to the point you know sex night is on Saturdays!

It’s time for a change! And the change is starting with YOU!

Hoping and expecting your spouse or friends to come on to this journey with you will lead to disappointment. Chances are they aren’t ready for the change you’re looking for and they’re OK with the things as they are. So if you rely on them for motivation, you may soon find yourself back in the same old, same old!

One Simple Step

Just as your “dead-end life” snuck up on you, we’re going to get “change” to sneak up on your dead-end life.

As you look into spicing your life up, start off with simplicity and consistency. Add a new WEEKLY hobby (not monthly… too much time passes in between activities). If there’s no space in your schedule, you’ll have to get rid of some other activity that isn’t exciting anymore.

Give it some good thought… what excites you the most?: Learning to dance? Yoga classes? Creativity? Connecting with other women? Learning? Spirituality?

Your hobby ought to be strictly chosen for your personal pleasure… NOT for it’s practicality and definitely not based on other peoples opinions. Your hobby isn’t about getting further in life, it’s simply for gaining pleasure.

Once you’ve successfully integrated a new hobby, move on to the next change. What else would you like to do? Make a change in your career?

But if change is particularly tough for you, you’re not alone by a long shot. Many women have a hard time with new opportunities. It’s also how they find themselves unfulfilled in life. If you’re feeling trapped and stuck, you don’t have to face it alone. Sometimes, all it takes is the right words at the right time and you’re ready to fly. Let me know and I will help.

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